Take your Auto Shop to the next level

Great American success stories start with talented and driven people that risk it all for a personal vision of excellence.  Great people are not always satisfied with a job.  They want to own a shop that is a “State of Art” one that provides excellent service and great careers.  The hero of this story is the owner, or CEO, Chief Everything Officer.  Willing to do whatever it takes.  Endless hours and huge sacrifice at all levels will pay huge dividends in the future. 

Consulting Services Offered

Our process of Improvement for your shop is simple.  We help you achieve your business goals with this easy 3 step process.


Shop Vision & Evaluation

Opportunities and Plans for Improvement

Make it Permanent

Pursuing the American Dream

AME is focused on improving local shops.  We offer Web Based Nationwide Auto Shop Consulting at your direction.  Our goal is to provide world class consulting that is customized to your individual market and shop. Our services are easy to utilize and do not require you to travel and leave your shop understaffed.