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Great American success stories start with talented and driven people that risk it all for a personal vision of excellence.  Great people are not always satisfied with a job.  They want to own a shop that is a “State of Art” one that provides excellent service and great careers.  The hero of this story is the owner, or CEO, Chief Everything Officer.  Willing to do whatever it takes.  Endless hours and huge sacrifice at all levels will pay huge dividends in the future.  Doing things outside your comfort zone is great.  Soon this begins to wear you down.  It seems like you spend all your time reacting to one thing after another.  Your days are spent putting out one fire right after another.  It starts to feel like a job that you own, or maybe a business that owns you!  The vision you had seems like it’s a game of survival.


This is where we come in.  We evaluate your situation and your goals with you.  Then we chart a course to accelerate your success!  We use your vision and our experience to build an actionable plan to achieve the success you deserve.  Happier customers, better employees, and a company you can depend on.  A proactive plan that eliminates the stress of just putting out fires and hoping there is enough in the checkbook for payroll, emergencies, or whatever is next.  You deserve to make an amazing living for all the risk and hard work you have invested.  We can show you the way!

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