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Our process of Improvement for your shop is simple.  We help you achieve your business goals with this easy 3 step process.


Shop Vision and Evaluation

Your vision for the future of your shop is the first step.  It’s as simple as this example; “Our shop will be the best import repair shop in this area.  Known for excellent customer service and doing over $1,000,000 annually with a 20% profit.”  We will evaluate your shop’s strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats.


Opportunities and Plans for Improvement

We will look at the evaluation compared to your shop vision and develop your top opportunities to achieve your vision.  We will develop a detailed plan that is easy to follow.  Using a detailed plan, we will monitor results and continue to improve until the goals are achieved as planned.


Make it Permanent 

Now that we have the desired improvement, we make it a permanent part of your shop operations and insure we do not slide back to how it was.  Regular monitoring of these results will insure that new and improved process is always working.  This is how we keep and maintain our progress.


Now that we have achieved our biggest goal, we look for the next opportunity for improvement!

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